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The Qatar Economy

Exports are booming on the back of rising volumes of natural gas production, as well as high oil prices.
Strong current account surpluses are therefore set to continue. With a relatively small population of 670,000 of whom 180,000 are native citizens of Qatar, the enormous revenues from oil and gas have made Qatar in GDP per capita terms, the richest country in the Arab world.

Projects to deliver gas to other States in the Arabian Gulf region, and beyond, will also continue to boost exports.

  • Area and Population

    Total population 670,000
    The Qatar Peninsula is approximately 160 KM from North to South and some 80 KM from East to West.

  • Growth

    A good growth of 6.9% in 2004 is forecast driven largely by exports. As the economy is highly dependent on hydrocarbons, which account for 85% of exports, price fluctuations are a key source of risk. In the event of any crash in oil prices, regional demand would contract hitting the services sector. However, large natural gas reserves and high levels of government saving mean that risks are limited.
  • Budget

    The 2004 / 2005 budget provides for a rise in expenditure of 22%, mainly in order to finance large capital investments, including transport and construction projects. Even based on a very conservative oil price assumption of $19 per barrel, the budget projects a deficit of 3% of GDP. However, a substantial surplus is likely, as in the past few years, given the ongoing high trend in the price of oil.

  • External Trade

    The Qatar government has supported both heavy and light industrial initiatives.

    Qatar’s steel industry has become a premium quality regional supplier and is the only regional producer that exports a major portion of its production.

    During the last decade, partnerships involving state-run companies and off-shore investors have resulted in the development of petrochemical and fertilizer plants which have exported significant quantities of production.

    Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company has been active in promoting private sector investment in small and medium sized ventures.

  • Financial and Monetary Policy

    The main financial policy of the State is to motivate social and economic development in Qatar through the establishment of major projects, improving living conditions and diversifying the income of national sand expatriates.

    Qatar aims to attract foreign investment in areas of Education, health and Tourism where foreign investors may hold a majority stake in the business, supported by generous tax benefits and allocation of land area for building.

  • Banking

    The banking system reflects a growing number of National Banks, notable amongst which are Qatar National Bank, Commercial Bank, Doha Bank Al Ahli Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank and the Qatar Industrial Development Bank. International Banks are also well represented, amongst which are HSBC, Standard Chartered, Grind lays Qatar Bank, BNP Paribas, Bank Saderat and Union Bank.

  • Tourism and Sports Tourism

    A systematic upgrading of the country’s attractiveness as a touts and sports tourism location is an integral part of government policy. Numerous expansion projects are transforming the country including a new international airport, new residential developments, new hotels and shopping malls. Sports tourism will also become prominent on the back of the Asian Games to be held in Qatar in December of 2006 which will attract 11,000 athletes from all Asian countries.

    Qatar is regarded as a safe country for visitors, with a premier golf course, beautiful beaches and sports activities such as fishing, sailing, scuba diving, motor rallying and Motor Cycle racing.

    Economical Policy

    Although of infrastructure and services expansion, but the government obsession is remained not depend on single resource with the necessity to nationalize Gas and Oil resources, by expanding the preclusion base and developing of Economical sectors in on integral way and continuous cooperation between the private and public sectors.

    This proceed has led to the emergence of non petroleum activities contributed and enhanced local production.

    Qatar became among the biggest investment attracting countries. Businessmen and investor used to hunt up the unlimited investments opportunities either through internal investments or through the government investments promotions. The financial assortment recently made is considered as strong evidence for Qatar safety methods that applied under the directors of H.E. the Emir of the state of Qatar.

    In addition the state of Qatar is very concerned about issuing and enacting of Laws and economical legislation. Such intellectual property. Foreign investments, commercial companies, commercial agents and other important Laws that may issue or amended accordingly.

    These efforts which running under the direction of the Emir accompanied by provision of better chances to the Qatar private sector and the ways to a activate and develop these chance in addition to improve national development as well as a successful implementation of nationalization program in addition to the expansion of Qatari national participation for governmental project. Many Qatar national have benefited from these policies. Qatar economical achievements are much contributed is re-mapping the investment process as the state of Qatar has now became a vital field to many international companies. Qatari people have now begun benefiting this fruitful economical resurrection in various fields.

    External Trade

    External Trade is considered vital sector, which playing an important role in the building of Economical relations between countries. External revenues one the main resource to Finance the country public discernments, and so do all the country needs are obtained through imports.

    Qatar in general has adopted the free international system. In 1994 Qatar was the number 121 in the General Agreement for trading and customs Tariff which known as (International Trade Organization).

    Qatar is a prominent member of GCC, OPEC, Monetary Fund and Arab League.

  • Exports

    In 2001 Exports has draw back to a proportion of 5% to reach 39.6 billion Qr. against 41.6 Billion in 2000.

  • Qatar External Trade

    Qatar exports to Asian countries are the highest as it reached (34655.3) then the Arab countries reached (1390.6), in which the UAE is the first as it reached (702.5), Saudi Arabia (417.5)Qr. Million, Kuwait (45.9) Jordon (43.9) Qr. Million, Egypt (38.8) Qr. Million and Bahrain (36.8) Qr. Million.

    As for the pricing set up for exports, petrol and Metallic fuel have scored (91%), then Petrochemical (4.3%) and manufactured commodities (2.2%).

    Commercial Balance

    Commercial balance estimations in 2001 have disclosed surplus of (27.2) Billion with dropping average of (13.6%). This is due to the dropping of goods export outcome for the average of (6%) to reach to (39.6) Billion against (42.2), in which the main reason was the dropping of Oil exports in addition to the increase of imports disbursements by (15.5%) to reach Qr. (12.3) Billion in the year 2001 against (10.7) Billion.

  • Imports

    Qatar imports have scored Qr. 13.7 Billion in the year 2001, against Qr. 11.8 billion in the year 2000, and around Qr. 9 Billion in 1999. European group is considered the number one as it was scored (38%). Asian countries (27.1%) American countries (16.3%) and last Arab countries (13.8%).

    Company Profile

    The Darwish Group – a large established group with a reputation for quality, reliability and overall excellence, has been instrumental in the country’s commercial development. The activities of the group can be traced back to over 70 years, originally providing services as a local agent, supplying labour, accommodation, communication, transportation and other services to premier oil and mining exploration companies in Qatar.
    Today the Darwish Group is a multifaceted organization incorporating a number of divisions which serve the rapidly expanding business market in Qatar.

    General Trading as exclusive agent for International Companies

    Building materials, electrical trading & system, air-conditioning ventilation and refrigeration products, medical & laboratory equipment, lighting products, petroleum & Industrial services, communication security systems and imaging, computers, office equipment & furniture, domestic appliances, automobiles construction heavy equipment, tyres and batteries transportation & clearance services.

    • Construction : Main civil contracting, Decoration contracting Mechanical & Electrical contracting Elevators & Escalators.
    • Travel & Tourism : Airlines, GSA, Cargo, Tour operations.
    • Hotels : Hotel management (Oasis Hotel & Beach Club) and catering.
    • Real Estate Development.

    The company’s main products

    Manufacturing : GRC, GRG, GRP & PCC products, Aluminium powder coating, Mechanical air condition ducting, Timber, Joinery & Furniture.

    Petroleum & Industrial Services

    Serving Qatar’s fast growing oil & gas, industries for both onshore and offshore operations. Engineering, environmental survey’s health safety and environment. Electrical instrumentation and control systems, chemicals, mechanical, inspection and testing, marine equipment, Civil contractors, Electrical installation & services, Residential Villas & Complexes, Office buildings, Roads & maintenance, water supply & sewerage sections, Supply & Installation of all types of marble & granite, Swimming pools, Fountains, Rock-arts, hard & soft landscaping, Elevators & Escalations skilled work force.

    Communication & Technology

    Varied activities in the high technology market security systems, Mobile phones, Datacom equipment, Communication equipment, Marine radio/radar, Fire Marine safety equipment and Traffic signals.


    Timber products, Portable accommodation, Interior / exterior design GRC,GRG & PCC.


    GSM for 18 major airlines, Retail Sales outlets, Business travel, freight services, import/export of goods-cargo by land, sea & air, packing & international forwarding services, Car-hire, Local and Overseas tours and Travel arrangements for both business and leisure.

    Service Centres & Repair facilities

    • Electronic repairs
    • Domestic appliance service centre
    • Construction equipment
    • Automobiles garage services
    • Contracting & Marble factory
    • Mechanical workshop

    Commercial Administration & Support Services

    Legal department-advice on all aspects of Qatar commercial law-Agency sponsorship & joint venture, labour law, local regulations for the importing of goods and equipment. Skilled personnel department for obtaining visas, company registrations and local registrations.

    Provision of office, staff / management accommodation and transport-Langue translation services-both general & technical.






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